Piotr Jaroszewicz

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Piotr Jaroszewicz
Piotr Jaroszewicz.jpg
Jaroszewicz as General in late 1940s
Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Poland
5th Premier of Communist Poland,
3rd Premier under People's Constitution
In office
December 23, 1970 – February 18, 1980
Vice PM Mieczysław Jagielski, Franciszek Kaim, Jan Mitręga, Kazimierz Olszewski, Józef Tejchma, Zdzisław Tomal, Franciszek Szlachcic, Alojzy Karkoszka, Tadeusz Pyka, Longin Cegielski, Tadeusz Wrzaszczyk, Józef Kępa, Kazimierz Secomski, Jan Szydlak
Preceded by Józef Cyrankiewicz
Succeeded by Edward Babiuch
Personal details
Born October 9, 1909
Nieśwież, Russian Empire (present-day Belarus)
Died September 1, 1992(1992-09-01) (aged 82)
Warsaw, Poland
Political party Polish Workers' Party (until 1948)
Polish United Workers' Party
Spouse(s) Alicja Solska
Profession Teacher, Military

Gen. Piotr Jaroszewicz (['pjɔtr jarɔˈʂɛvit͡ʂ] (About this sound listen); born October 9, 1909, in Nieśwież, Russian Empire, died September 1, 1992, in Warsaw, Poland) was a Polish Communist political figure. He served as the Prime Minister of Poland between 1970 and 1980.

Piotr Jaroszewicz was born October 8, 1909 in Nieśwież. After finishing the secondary school in Jasło he started working as a teacher and headmaster in Garwolin. After the outbreak of World War II and the Nazi-Soviet alliance he moved to Soviet-occupied zone of Poland. It has been claimed that he was a headmaster in Pinsk gymnasia. However, on July 10, 1940 he was deported to Slobodka, Krasnoborski raion, Arkhangelsk, from Stolin together with his first wife Oksana Gregorevna (born in Salov/Calow 1914) and daughter Olila (born 1940). In 1943 he joined the 1st Polish Army of Gen. Zygmunt Berling. The following year he joined the Polish Workers Party and was promoted to deputy political commander of the 1st Army.

After the war he became the deputy minister of defense (1945-1950). Since 1956 he was the Polish ambassador to COMECON. At the same time between 1952 and 1970 he served as a deputy Prime Minister of Poland and briefly (1954-1956) as the minister of mining industry. Jaroszewicz was a member of the Central Committee of the PZPR since its creation in 1948 and since 1964 he was also a member of the Political Bureau. From December 1970 until February 1980 he was the Prime Minister of Poland. The economical policies of Jaroszewicz and Edward Gierek led to a wave of protests in 1976 and 1980. After his failure in suppressing the Solidarity movement in 1980 he gave up all his posts and was expelled from the party the following year.

Piotr Jaroszewicz and his wife Alicja Solska were murdered September 1, 1992 in mysterious circumstances in their house in Anin near Warsaw. The fate of the first wife and daughter is not known.

Political offices
Preceded by
Józef Cyrankiewicz
Prime Minister of Poland
Succeeded by
Edward Babiuch