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Piotr Lenar (born 13 March 1958 in Kraków) is a Polish cinematographer, a member of the European Film Academy, Polish Society of Cinematographers (PSC) and the Berufsverband Kinematograph (BVK).

Piotr Lenar graduated National Film School in Łódź in 1987. He cooperated with Jan Jakub Kolski. The result of their common work is Johnnie Waterman (1993) - one of the most important Polish films of the 90's.

Since 1989 to 2010 Lenar lived and worked in Germany.[1] There collaborated with artists such as Urs Odermatt, Thomas Jahn, Dieter Wedel and Lenhard Fritz Krawinkel. He also worked in the United States with Michael F. Huse. In 2010, he became founder and CO a private film school - AMA Film School - in Kraków.



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