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Piotr Napierała (2011)
Piotr Napierała at the Polish-Spanish conference about espionage as an instrument of state policy, organised by Catholic University of Lublin and the Instituto de Inteligencia of the Charles III University of Madrid - Lublin 27-29.10.2008

Piotr Marek Napierała (born May 18, 1982) is a Polish historian, born in Poznań.

Napierała deals with early modern history, especially with political culture of the British, French and German Enlightenment, and its opponents. He studied history at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and has written his doctoral thesis about the British and French concepts of political freedom in 17th and 18th Century.

Piotr Napierała is son of a psychologist Barbara Harwas-Napierała.


Selected articles[edit]

  • Piotr Napierała, "Die polnisch-sächsische Union (1697-1763) - Polens letzte Hoffnung - Sachsens Traum von der Macht", in: Polen und Deutschland. Zusammenleben und -wirken, Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Poznań 2006, s. 60-66. ISBN 83-60247-63-3
  • Piotr Napierała, "Germain Louis Chauvelin i rozbrat pomiędzy Francją a Wielką Brytanią, 1727-1737", in: C. Taracha (red), Szpiegostwo, wywiad, państwo, Wydawnictwo Polihymnia, Lublin 2009, s. 45-65. ISBN 978-83-7270-727-7