Piotr Woźniak (researcher)

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Piotr A. Woźniak
BornMarch 1962 (age 60–61)
Known forSuperMemo
Academic background
ThesisEconomics of Learning: New Aspects in Designing Modern Computer Aided Self-Instruction Systems (1995)
Doctoral advisorWitold Abramowicz

Piotr A. Woźniak (Polish pronunciation: [pjɔtr ˈvɔʑɲak]; born 1962) is a Polish researcher best known for his work on SuperMemo, a learning system based on spaced repetition.[1][2]


Woźniak was born in March 1962 in Milanówek, Poland.[2]

He began to develop his spaced-repetition software after struggling to retain course material as a student at the Poznań University of Technology in the 1980s.[1][3]

He received a doctorate from the Wrocław University of Economics in 1995. His doctoral dissertation was entitled Economics of Learning: New Aspects in Designing Modern Computer Aided Self-Instruction Systems.[2]

In addition to the theory of spaced repetition, his research interests include incremental reading and the optimization of sleep.[2][4]

He supports the idea of a single international auxiliary language, and for two years kept a diary in Esperanto.[1]

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