Piotrków Governorate

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Петроковская губерния

Piotrków Governorate (Russian: Петроковская губерния; Polish: Gubernia piotrkowska) was an administrative unit (governorate) of the Congress Poland. Its capital was in Piotrków Trybunalski.


It was created in 1867, split off from parts of Radom and Warsaw Governorates. It consisted of uzeyds of Będzin, Częstochowa, Radomsko and Łódź.


  • By the Imperial census of 1897.[1] In bold are languages spoken by more people than the state language.

References and notes[edit]

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  2. ^ Languages, number of speakers which in all gubernia were less than 1000

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Coordinates: 51°24′18″N 19°41′36″E / 51.405033°N 19.693289°E / 51.405033; 19.693289