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Piotrowski (feminine: Piotrowska, plural: Piotrowscy) is a Polish surname derived from the first name Piotr (Peter). The name, and its variations, literally mean "from the place of Peter," and indicate a family's origin as being a town or village such as Piotrów or Piotrowo. Variants and related names include Piotrowicz, Piotrowiak, Piotrowsky, Pietrowski, Pietrkowski, Pietrowsky, and Pietrowiak.

This surname is mainly found in Poland and Russia and the former territories of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It is particularly widespread in Poland, where it is the 19th most common surname, with 61,844 bearers in 2009.[1] Descendants of certain noble families, including that of a minor Tatar Knyaz, also bear the name or variations thereof. Comital and baronial branches of the family also exist. The earliest known ancestors of the family can be traced back to the late 11th century belonging to the Gozdawa coat of arms.

The Gozdawa coat of arms.


Various coats of arms have been associated with the Piotrowski family. The name has been associated with the Abdank, Belina, Ginwiłł, Gozdawa, Jastrzębiec, Junosza, Korwin, Kotwica, Leliwa, Lis, Nieczuja, Poraj, Prus, Przerowa, Rawa, Ślepowron, and Świnka coats of arms.


According to Polish heraldist Kasper Niesiecki (1682–1744), families bearing Piotr-derived surnames living in the region formerly known as Podlasie were often represented by the Gozdawa coat of arms. Notable members of this branch include Piotr Piotrowski, parliamentary representative in 1591, and Dr. Łukasz Piotrowski of the Academy of Cracow and author of Grammaticarum institutionum libros 4. Cracov. in 4to.

Grand Duchy of Lithuania[edit]

Families with these surnames living in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the area surrounding Drohiczyn bore the Junosza coat of arms. Some notable personalities who bore this coat of arms include:


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