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Pipe may refer to:


  • Pipe (instrument), a traditional perforated wind instrument
  • Bagpipe, a class of musical instrument, aerophones using enclosed reeds
    • Uilleann pipes, a unique form of bagpipes originating in Ireland
    • Pipes and drums or pipe bands, composed of musicians who play the Scottish and Irish bagpipes
  • Pan pipes, see Pan flute, an ancient musical instrument based on the principle of the stopped pipe
  • Organ pipe, one of the tuned resonators that produces the main sound of a pipe organ
  • Boatswain's pipe, an instrument used for signalling or to issue commands on a warship


Proper noun[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Volcanic pipe, a deep, narrow cone of solidified magma
  • Postpipe, archaeological remains of a timber in a posthole
  • Half-pipe and quarter pipe, semi-circular ramps for performing skateboarding/snowboarding tricks
  • Piping (sewing), tubular ornamental fabric sewn around the edge of a garment
  • Piping bags are used to pipe semi-solid foods onto other foods (e.g. icing on a cake)
  • Pipe (car), a Belgian automobile manufacturer
  • The Pipe, documentary film

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