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Pipe Dream is a television program on the American cable channel NBC Golf Channel. It follows the story of Mark Burk, a homeless golfer who is trying to get his life on back on track. The story and original program is a documentary reality series in 10 episodes which tell Burk's story.

As Golf Channel tells this complicated story of a man who lived in a Pipe, which also came with a back story that was told buy "National Enquirer" Magazine 2009, i.e. Headlines reading, "SHE'S LYING ABOUT BEATING." Then later again in "Page Six NY," another celebrity tabloid therein claiming that "Burk is guilty ." Referring to former Supermodel Beverly Johnson regarding her "allegation" of domestic violence, the National Enquirer magazine went deeper into story and discovered the involvement of actor Christopher Noth of "Law n Order " "Sex in The City" and CBS "Good Wife." Noth was actually subpoenaed to testify in Burk's defense. Celebrity private detective Dano Hanks who worked for Johnson declared under oath that Noth never stalked her. That was a fabrication. Chris Noth was written off the television series "Law n Order" based on Johnson's 1995 claims. In 2008. Beverly Johnson under court records, entered photographs under oath, in a trial proceeding of puroprted injuries. Burk claimed photos were forged/ doctored. Those photos were subpoenaed by defendant Burk but were then destroyed immediately in the courthouse by accuser Beverly Johnson (affidavit) & Richard Houghton, Esq. Palm Desert CA. Both Johnson & Houghton 'wrote sworn statements'to these facts. Destroying evidence is a crime 133-5 PC. Charges of the destruction of evidence were never brought against Johnson by the Office of District Attorney County of Riverside.


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