Pipeline Under the Ocean (album)

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Pipeline Under The Ocean
Studio album by Pluto
Released 7 February 2005

Alternative Rock

Label Slow Rodriguez Records/EMI
Pluto chronology
Redlight Syndrome
Pipeline Under The Ocean
Sunken Water

Pipeline Under the Ocean is the second studio album by the New Zealand rock band Pluto, released on 7 February 2005. A second version was released in late 2005 with the video clips for the songs "Radio Crimes", "Long White Cross" and "Dance Stamina".

Track listing[edit]

  1. Radio Crimes
  2. Long White Cross
  3. Madeline
  4. 8 O'Clock
  5. Dance Stamina
  6. On Your Own
  7. Baghdad Boy
  8. Moja Rijeka
  9. Baby Cruel
  10. Rock n Roll
  11. Perfectly Evil
  12. Broken Hearted

Special edition bonus videos[edit]

  1. Radio Crimes
  2. Long White Cross
  3. Dance Stamina