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This old map of northern Bucharest shows the former Pipera Airport slightly left of center. Băneasa Airport is at upper left.

Thevfoemer Pipera' village is now a neighborhood in Voluntari district, situated northern to the city of Bucharest. Bucharest, Romania.


Until 1995, it was an ordinary village. After that, an "el dorado" of land transactions began. Plots of land that were 1 USD/m² reached in 2005 the amount of 250 USD/m². In this time, more than 1400 houses were built here, transforming Pipera in one of the most expensive residential areas.

Because the inhabitants needed places to shop or to spend their free time, a shopping park was also built, so what initially started as a Carrefour and Bricostore, quickly developed into a Metro, a Selgross Cash & Carry, an IKEA and most importantly Baneasa Shopping City.

Pipera could easily organize itself as a city, due to the important number of population, the police station, the church, shopping places and a large number of offices for the big companies. The only one missing would be the City Hall.

Transportation Problems[edit]

Unfortunately its massive increase had a great impact on road transportation in the area. It seems that there is a number of cars which exceeds the limit of comfort in traveling from Pipera to the city and back. For this, the City Hall of Voluntari has started building a bridge on one of the two roads connecting it to the city. The works started in the first part of 2007 and ended in 2012 and improved the traffic flow, but the lack of parking spaces and of one-way streets still causes some problems.


The district is served by Pipera metro station, the northern terminus of Bucharest Metro Line 2.

The Pipera industrial center (Romanian: platforma industrială) is on the site of a former airport (Aeroportul Pipera) from the interwar period.

Office Buildings[edit]

The tallest office building in the area is the Pipera Business Tower

Coordinates: 44°30′N 26°08′E / 44.500°N 26.133°E / 44.500; 26.133