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Sayyid Ali Tirmizi
Pir Baba
پیر بابا
Pirbaba Mazar.jpg
Buner Mazar of Pir Baba
Religion Islam
Denomination Sunni
Movement Established Islam among Yusufzai Pashtuns
Order Chishti Sufi Order
Other names Pir Baba
Born Ali Tirmizi
Around 908 Hijri, 1502 A.D.
Fergana, Uzbekistan
Died Around Rajab 991 Hijri, 1583 A.D.
Buner District
Resting place Pacha Killay Buner District, Pakistan
Senior posting
Title Ali Tirmizi
Period in office 900–1000 Hijjri, Mughal emperors Baber & Humayun Period
Successor Akhoond baba
Religious career
Teacher Sheikh Saalaar Roomi
Students Akhoond baba; Dewana baba, Hisar baba
Website http://www.pirbaba.org/

Sayyid Ali Tirmizi (Pashto: سيد علي ترمذي‎), more commonly known as Pir Baba (پير بابا), was a Sufi who settled in Buner (present-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan) among the Yusufzai Pashtuns. He was probably born in 908 AH (1431 CE), in Fergana (present-day Uzbekistan), of Sayyid descent, died in AH 991 (1502 CE).[1]

It is claimed that Pir Baba was the son of Sayyid Qanbar Ali, who was in emperor Babur's army and had come down to Delhi[citation needed]. His mother was of Uzbek origin. Baba was more inclined towards Islamic studies.[citation needed] Baba supposedly married a sister of Daulat Khan a Yusufzai; a respected Pashtun from Buner.[citation needed]

Pir Baba was a direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammad through his daughter (and his cousin Ali), and their son Hussain.[citation needed]

He has 2 sons :

(1) Sayyid Habibullāh Shaah (Buner /Pakistan) (2) Sayyid Mustafa Shaah (Kunar /Afganistan).

In 1700, the great-grandson of Pir Baba, Sayyid Jalal Baba, married the daughter of Sultan Mehmud Khurd, last Karlugh ruler of the sarkar of Pakhli in Hazara, Pakistan.[citation needed]

His descendants rule to this day in the plains of Pakhli and mountains of Kaghan valley, Mansehra. One notable descendant was a ruler of Swat, Sayyid Akbar Shah who died on 11 May 1957.[citation needed]

Shrine (Mazar)[edit]

Baba's grave and shrine is in Pacha Killay village in the mountainous Buner District of present-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.[2][3]

The shrine was closed by the Taliban temporarily.[4]

Urs Mubarak[edit]

The annual Urs or Pilgrimage of Hazrat Pir Baba is celebrated from 24 to 26 Rajab of the Islamic calendar every year in Buner.


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