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Pir Sadardin or Pir Sadruddin was a fourteenth-century Ismaili Da'i and is regarded as the founder of the Khoja Ismaili sect, also called Satpanth. Born in Persia, Sadardin later travelled to the Indian sub-continent, settled in the Sindh area, founded the Khoja community and developed the Khojki script; he also wrote Ginans. Pir Sadardin composed the previous Du'a, which was recited by Ismailis during several centuries, was very long and took almost half an hour to be recited. His "Gat Paj ji Dua" also summarized the story of Creation.[1]


  • Aradh
  • Athar Ved
  • Bawan Ghati
  • Bawan bodth, so Kirya and Sahi Samrani
  • Budh Avatar
  • Buj Nirinian
  • Das Avatar
  • Du'a
  • Gayantri
  • Ginan
  • Girbhavali
  • Girbhavali
  • Khat Darshan
  • Khat Nirinjan
  • Saloko
  • Surat Samacha
  • Vinod[2]


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