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Cover illustration by Bernard Krigstein
Publication information
Publisher EC Comics
Schedule Bi-monthly
Format Anthology
Publication date October/November 1954 - October/November 1955
No. of issues 7
Creative team
Artist(s) Wally Wood
Reed Crandall
Bernard Krigstein
George Evans

Piracy is an EC Comics title published in the early 1950s. The bi-monthly comic book, published by Bill Gaines and edited by Al Feldstein, began with an issue cover-dated October–November, 1954. It ran for seven issues, ending with the October–November, 1955 issue.

Front covers were by Wally Wood, Reed Crandall, Bernard Krigstein and George Evans. The stories of adventure on the high seas were illustrated by Wood, Crandall, Krigstein, Jack Davis, Al Williamson, Graham Ingels and Angelo Torres.

Piracy was reprinted (in black and white) as part of publisher Russ Cochran's The Complete EC Library. Between March and September 1998, Cochran (in association with Gemstone Publishing) reprinted all seven individual issues. This complete run was later rebound, with covers included, in a pair of softcover EC Annuals.

Issue guide[edit]

# Date Cover Artist Story Story Artist
1 October/November 1954 Wally Wood The Privateer Reed Crandall
The Mutineers Wally Wood
Harpooned Al Williamson & Angelo Torres
Shanghaied Jack Davis
2 December/January 1955 Reed Crandall Sea Food Reed Crandall
Kismet Jack Davis
The Shell Game Al Williamson & Angelo Torres
A Fitting End Wally Wood
3 February/March 1955 Reed Crandall Blackbeard Reed Crandall
U-Boat Bernard Krigstein
Mouse Trap George Evans
Slave Ship Graham Ingels
4 April/May 1955 Reed Crandall Pirate Master Reed Crandall
By the Book George Evans
The Sheba Graham Ingels
Inheritance Bernard Krigstein
5 June/July 1955 Bernard Krigstein Jean Lafitte Reed Crandall
Rag Doll Graham Ingels
Salvage Bernard Krigstein
The Keg George Evans
6 August/September 1955 Bernard Krigstein Fit for a King Reed Crandall
The Skipper George Evans
Fur Crazy Graham Ingels
Solitary Jack Davis
7 October/November 1955 George Evans Partners Reed Crandall
Up the River Bernard Krigstein
John's Reward Graham Ingels
Temptation George Evans

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