Piraqueaçu River

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Piraquê Açu River
Piraqueaçu River is located in Brazil
Piraqueaçu River
Country Brazil
Basin features
Main source Espírito Santo state
River mouth Atlantic ocean
19°57′05″S 40°09′09″W / 19.951452°S 40.152466°W / -19.951452; -40.152466Coordinates: 19°57′05″S 40°09′09″W / 19.951452°S 40.152466°W / -19.951452; -40.152466

The Piraquê Açu River is a river of Espírito Santo state in eastern Brazil.

Part of the river basin is contained in the 3,562 hectares (8,800 acres) Augusto Ruschi Biological Reserve, a fully protected area.[1]

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