Pirate City Rollers

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Pirate City Rollers
League logo
Metro area Auckland
Country New Zealand
Founded 2006
Teams Dead Wreckoning
Mascara Massacre
Blackheart Bruisers
Broadside Brawlers (Travel)
All Scars (Travel)
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Trusts Stadium
Affiliations WFTDA
Org. type Incorporated Society
Website piratecityrollers.com

Pirate City Rollers is a women's flat track roller derby league based in Auckland. Founded in 2006, the league currently consists of three Home Teams and two Travel Teams.


The Pirates were founded by Black Dahlia, who had previously played roller derby in the United States. They formed in 2006, and claim to be the oldest roller derby league outside North America.[1] In 2007, the Pirates played their first home season,[1] and they bouted against Richter City Roller Derby in 2009, in New Zealand's first bout between leagues from two different cities, winning 174-88 in front of a crowd of 1,200 people.[2]

In October 2011, Pirate City became an apprentice member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association,.[3] It graduated to full membership of the WFTDA in September 2013,[4] the same year they were crowned the champions of the Derby Royale national tournament.[5]


Pirate City Rollers have three home teams in their 2015 Intraleague competition. They have two travel teams competing in the New Zealand Interleague competition as well as in games and events overseas.

Home Teams[edit]

  • Blackheart Bruisers
  • Dead Wreckoning
  • Mascara Massacre

2015 season[edit]

Round Date Result
Round 1 19 April 2015 Blackheart Bruisers 138 197 Mascara Massacre
Round 1 10 May 2015 Mascara Massacre tbc tbc Dead Wreckoning
Round 1 24 May 2015 Dead Wreckoning 192 180 Blackheart Bruisers
Round 2 12 July 2015 Blackheart Bruisers 149 121 Mascara Massacre
Round 2 9 August 2015 Mascara Massacre TBC TBC Dead Wreckoning
Round 2 6 September 2015 Dead Wreckoning TBC TBC Blackheart Bruisers

Travel Teams[edit]

  • All Scars
  • Broadside Brawlers


2015 Roster[edit]

Number Name Home Team Travel Team
04 Bonnie Collide Blackheart Bruisers
7 Sailor's Curse Blackheart Bruisers Broadside Brawlers
08 Sugar Hit Mascara Massacre All Scars
11 Machete Confetti Mascara Massacre All Scars
12 Stone Cold Beretta Dead Wreckoning All Scars
14 Ballistic Button Mascara Massacre All Scars / Broadside Brawlers
15 Skate Moss
17 Baby Slice
18 TutanKarnage Blackheart Bruisers All Scars
19 Miss Crunchbull Mascara Massacre All Scars
20 Auntie Venom Blackheart Bruisers Broadside Brawlers
22 Manic Street Creature Mascara Massacre All Scars / Broadside Brawlers
29 Annie’maul Blackheart Bruisers All Scars / Broadside Brawlers
31 Shrew Loose Dead Wreckoning Broadside Brawlers
33 Rumble Stinson Dead Wreckoning Broadside Brawlers
42 Sledge Hannah Blackheart Bruisers
49 ShōGunn Mascara Massacre
54 Lady Trample Blackheart Bruisers All Scars
61 Goldiblocks Blackheart Bruisers
73 Coup D’eTalia Dead Wreckoning All Scars
88 Lass O'Rate Dead Wreckoning
89 Ruthless Doom Mascara Massacre Broadside Brawlers
92 Mad Kao Dead Wreckoning All Scars / Broadside Brawlers
100 Crash Test Honey Mascara Massacre
116 Helen of DesTroy Dead Wreckoning Broadside Brawlers
117 Nikalicious Vicious Blackheart Bruisers
151 Babe Insane
247 PNut Butt Her and Jam Dead Wreckoning All Scars / Broadside Brawlers
262 Jack the Rip-Her Mascara Massacre
321 Bomb Appetite Dead Wreckoning Broadside Brawlers
345 SheHard Mascara Massacre All Scars / Broadside Brawlers
369 Hellina Handbag Dead Wreckoning
409 Mind The Yap Blackheart Bruisers All Scars
451 MissBHaven Dead Wreckoning All Scars
514 Firefly Spirit Blackheart Bruisers All Scars / Broadside Brawlers
711 Kid Vicious Mascara Massacre All Scars
786 Kraken Skulls Blackheart Bruisers
818 Bruiserella Dead Wreckoning
852 Daphne Hui Blackheart Bruisers All Scars
911 Zombie Ablockahips Mascara Massacre Broadside Brawlers
925 Linda ShoveLACE Mascara Massacre Broadside Brawlers
999 Drop The Pom! Mascara Massacre Broadside Brawlers
1102 The Candy Crusher Dead Wreckoning
2008 Dovenwolf Head Referee
3LY Mass Morganizer Mascara Massacre
A4 Papercut Mascara Massacre All Scars
C4T Schro Ding Her Dead Wreckoning All Scars / Broadside Brawlers
IR5 Gonna Make Ya Pei-Pei Blackheart Bruisers Broadside Brawlers
0UT Poppy Kneecaps Blackheart Bruisers Broadside Brawlers
P-51 LEE-thal Weapon Dead Wreckoning All Scars
SN0 Tin Tin NSO
X0X0 Pash Malice Blackheart Bruisers All Scars / Broadside Brawlers


Pirate City Rollers were the only league from New Zealand to field a team at the Great Southern Slam, the Asia-Pacific region's first roller derby tournament, held in June 2010.[6] They easily beat Sydney and Western Australia in the pool matches, and Perth in the quarter final, before succumbing to Victorian in the semi final, and narrowly losing to hosts Adelaide in the third-place play-off.[7]

The Pirates travel Team 'All Scars' played at Beach Brawl 2015, hosted by Gold Coast Derby Grrls and held in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA, 12–14 June,[8] where they aimed to be the first WTFDA internationally ranked team in New Zealand.[9] From their performance at this tournament they debuted at number 87 in the WFTDA 30 June 2015 rankings,[10] 69 places above the other New Zealand team Richter City Roller Derby which also debuted in these rankings.

2011 World Cup[edit]

The inaugural 2011 Roller Derby World Cup was hosted by Toronto Roller Derby,[11] and was held 1–4 December 2011 at The Bunker at Downsview Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Seven Pirate City skaters were selected to play for Team New Zealand, with the coach and assistant coach also coming from the league.[12] Team New Zealand finished 8th out of 13 countries competing. Pirate City Rollers skater Skate The Muss was awarded MVP for Team New Zealand.[13]

Round Date Result
Group C 1 December 2011  New Zealand 8 377  United States
Group C 2 December 2011  New Zealand 124 111  Scotland
Elimination 3 December 2011  New Zealand (9) 142 127  Germany (8)
Quarterfinals 3 December 2011  New Zealand 8 470  United States
Consolation Semifinals 3 December 2011  New Zealand (9) 66 94  Sweden (5)
Placement Round 3 December 2011  New Zealand (9) 129 180  France (6)

2014 World Cup[edit]

All four of the Pirate City Rollers skaters selected for the 2014 Team New Zealand training squad also made the final 20 selection to play the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup,[14] held 4–7 December at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, USA. Team New Zealand finished 5th out of 30 countries competing.

Round Date Result
Group 1 4 December 2014  New Zealand 218 59  Norway
Group 1 4 December 2014  New Zealand 315 15  South Africa
Group 1 5 December 2014  New Zealand 250 60  Wales
Playoffs 6 December 2014  New Zealand 356 91  Netherlands
Quarterfinals 6 December 2014  New Zealand 56 284  Australia


Pirate City Rollers are available to skate at a range of events. Past events include:

  • X Factor 2015
  • K'Road First Thursdays 2015
  • Open Streets 2015
  • ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
  • Dick Smith NRL Auckland Nines 2015
  • Farmer’s Santa Parade 2014
  • ITM 500 V8 Supercars 2014
  • Beam Bar Legend NZ 2013


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