Pirate Party of Bulgaria

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Bulgarian Pirate Party
Пиратска партия
Founded 11 April 2010
Ideology Pirate politics
Freedom of Information
Patent reform
Transparency of government
International affiliation Pirate Parties International
Colours Black, White
National Assembly
0 / 240
European Parliament
0 / 17

The Bulgarian Pirate Party (Bulgarian: Пиратска партия) is a political party in Bulgaria based on the Swedish Pirate Party. The party is a member of the international Pirate Party movement[1] and is focused on copyright and patent reform, internet freedom, and government transparency.

The party was founded on 11 April 2010, in Sofia, after delegates from 20 Bulgarian towns adopted the articles of constitution and the party's political programme, and elected its national leadership, with Angel Todorov as National Party Administrator.[2][3]

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