Pirate Party (Croatia)

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Pirate Party
Piratska stranka
President Maša Utković
Vice president Marko Sučić
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Membership ~200
Ideology Pirate politics
Freedom of information
Copyright reform
Social progressivism
International affiliation Pirate Parties International
Slogan Uvesti politiku u 21. stoljeće i 21. stoljeće u politiku. (To introduce politics into the 21st century and the 21st century into politics.)
Seats in Sabor
0 / 151
European Parliament
0 / 12

The Pirate Party (Croatian: Piratska Stranka), short - Pirates (Croatian: Pirati) is a political party in Croatia founded in March 2012 and the Croatian section of the Pirate Parties International movement.[1] It follows the example of the Swedish Pirate Party as a party of the information society and it fights for freedom of information and the protection of privacy.

Electoral results[edit]

European Parliament[edit]

Election # of
overall votes
% of
overall vote
# of
overall seats won
2013 8,345 1.13
0 / 12


  1. ^ http://int.piratenpartei.de/PPI_Conference_2012/applicants Official account of the 2012 Pirate Party International conference