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Pirate Party Luxembourg
Piratepartei Lëtzebuerg
President Sven Clement[1]
Founded 4 October 2009
Headquarters 1, Sonnestrooss
L-5683 Dalheim
Membership 331[2]
Ideology Pirate politics
IP reform
Open government
International affiliation Pirate Parties International
Colours Purple, White, Black
Sven Clement
Sven Clement, president

The Pirate Party Luxembourg (Luxembourgish: Piratepartei Lëtzebuerg, German: Piratenpartei Luxemburg, French: Parti pirate du Luxembourg) is a registered political party in Luxembourg. The party follows the pirate political doctrine developed by the Swedish Pirate Party. It champions citizen's rights, improved data protection and privacy for physical persons, more transparency of government, free access to information and education. Beyond this, it calls for an in-depth overhaul of copyright and patent law, and is opposed to all kinds of censorship. A fundamental principle is grassroots democracy, which gives the possibility to each member to help shape the future of the party. Like most parties in Luxembourg, the Pirate Party is strongly pro-European. It is a member of Pirate Parties International, the umbrella organisation of the international Pirate Party movement.[3]

The Pirate Party Luxembourg was founded in Luxemburg City on October 4, 2009.[1][4] Its membership evolved from 14 founding-members to 331[2] (in April, 2014). Along with the PID and the Communist Party, it is currently not represented in the Chamber of Deputies.

The President is Sven Clement, who was also the main candidat for the general elections in 2013[5] and the European elections in 2014.[6] The vice-president is Sven Wohl, the treasurer is Ben Allard and the general secretary is Andy Maar. Another prominent figure is Jerry Weyer, former vice-president and co-founder of the party who was also co-president of Pirate Parties International (PPI) from March 2010 to 2011.[7]


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