Pirate Party of Turkey

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Pirate Party Turkey

Korsan Parti Hareketi
Youth wingKorsanlar
IdeologyPirate politics, Freedom of Information, privacy, copyright and patent reform, transparency of government
International affiliationPirate Parties International
ColoursBlack/White (Not official)

The Pirate Party Turkey (Turkish: Korsan Parti Türkiye) is a not-yet-officially-formed political party movement in Turkey based on the model of the Swedish Pirate Party.[1]

Party Platform[edit]

The party opposes the dismantlement of civil rights in telephony and on the Internet, in particular the European data retention policies and Turkey's view on Internet censorship. It also opposes various measures of surveillance of citizens.

The party favors the civil right to information privacy and reforms of copyright, education, computer science and genetic patents.

It promotes in particular an enhanced transparency of government by implementing open source governance and providing for APIs to allow for electronic inspection and control of government operations by the citizen.


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