Pirate Party of Ukraine

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Pirate Party of Ukraine

Піратська Партія України
PresidentSergey Yarygin
Founded27 September 2011 [1]
IdeologyPirate politics
Civil rights
Patent reform
International affiliationPirate Parties International

The Pirate Party of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Піратська Партія України) is a political party in Ukraine. Based on the model of the Swedish Pirate Party, it supports reform of copyright law, the abolition of patents, and respect for privacy.[2] The party was not a founding member (in 2010) of Pirate Parties International[3] but it joined them in April 2013.[4][5] As of August 2013 the party is not officially registered as such by the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.[6]

In the 2012 parliamentary election the party supported independent candidate Tetyana Montyan in single-member district number 212 (first-past-the-post wins a parliament seat) located in Kiev; she became fifth in this district with 9% of the votes.[7][8]

The party did not participate in the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election.[9]


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