Pirates: Duels on the High Seas

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Pirates: Duels on the High Seas
Pirates Duels on the High Seas.jpg
Developer(s) Oxygen Studios
Publisher(s) Oxygen Games
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date(s)
  • NA: May 14, 2009
  • EU: September 19, 2008
Genre(s) Adventure, Shoot 'em up
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Pirates: Duels on the High Seas is an adventure game for Nintendo DS. It was developed by Oxygen Studios and published by Oxygen Games. The game is a sequel to the similar WiiWare title, Pirates: The Key of Dreams.


An old man in a pub presents you with a riddle; after solving this riddle, you discover that possession of seven magical keys will provide you control over the seas. After collecting the first Key from Port Royal, you find a scrap of paper which informs you that unless you obtain the other six keys in six days' time, you will perish.

Key Locations[edit]

The keys are spread throughout the Arctic, Bermuda Triangle, China Sea, Java Sea, Persia, Port Royal and Porto Bello levels.


The game was awarded 78% by independent gaming website zConnection, scoring a Good rating.[1]


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