Pirates of the Caribeano

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Pirates of the Caribeano was a comic strip drawn by Barry Appleby which appeared in the British children's comic, The Beano between September 2006 and January 2009. The strip's title parodies Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It made some appearances in the Beano annuals 2009 and 2010. It appeared as a classic strip in the BeanoMax in 2011.


  • Danny is a character from The Bash Street Kids who is the comic strips' protagonist. He was shipwrecked but rescued by the eccentric pirate crew. He is known as "Death's Head".
  • Captain Flint is the pirate captain. He is cursed to be a dinosaur for stealing treasure belonging to a witch called Carmella, who is the only one who can remove his curse. The pirates are in search of Carmella's ship and have many adventures while engaged in their quest.
  • Sally is the first mate and the only girl on the pirate ship. She is also the best fighter in the crew.
  • Two-Patch Mulligan who wears two eyepatches and regularly bumps into things.
  • Hyena Jack has the world's largest smile; he tried to get through a three-foot-wide door with a four-foot-wide cutlass in his mouth.
  • Anchor, who is fatter than Fatty from The Bash Street Kids, is the ship's anchor.
  • Guv'nor, who has put a bounty on the Caribeano crew and is trying to capture them. He replaced Carmella as the villain after only a few stories.