Pirates of the High Seas

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Pirates of the High Seas
Lobby card
Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet
Thomas Carr
Produced by Sam Katzman
Written by Charles R. Condon
David Mathews
George H. Plympton
Joseph F. Poland
Starring Buster Crabbe
Lois Hall
Tommy Farrell
Gene Roth
Tristram Coffin
Music by Mischa Bakaleinikoff
Cinematography Ira H. Morgan
Edited by Earl Turner
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
  • November 2, 1950 (1950-11-02)
Running time
15 chapters (260 minutes), B&W
Country United States
Language English

Pirates of the High Seas (1950) is the 44th serial released by Columbia Pictures. It starred the heroic Buster Crabbe, along with Lois Hall and Tommy Farrell, under the direction of Spencer Gordon Bennet and Thomas Carr. It was a Sam Katzman production.


Adventurer Jeff Drake sails to a Pacific island in aid of Kelly Walsh, an old friend whose freight line is being sabotaged by a ghost ship (such as the classic Flying Dutchman). Drake and Walsh's investigation concerns the search for Walter Castell, an escaped convict who stole 5 million dollars in diamonds at the close of World War II. Several other people, including Walsh's sister, all want to go to the island. Drake and his friends encounter multiple dangers when they are attacked by a gang also looking for the stolen diamonds led by the mysterious 'Admiral'...


* This was the only serial in which Crabbe played an original character, rather than one adapted from another source.[1]


Pirates of the High Seas qualifies as both a sea and a jungle story, due to action taking place on uncharted islands.[2]

Chapter titles[edit]

  1. Mystery Mission
  2. Attacked by Pirates
  3. Dangerous Depths
  4. Blasted to Atoms
  5. The Missing Mate
  6. Secret of the Ivory Case
  7. Captured by Savages
  8. The Vanishing Music Box
  9. Booby Trap
  10. Savage Snare
  11. Sinister Cavern
  12. Blast from the Depths
  13. Cave In
  14. Secret of the Music Box
  15. Diamonds from the Sea



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