Piri Mehmed Pasha

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This is an Ottoman Turkish style name. Mehmed is the given name, the title is Pasha, and there is no family name.
Piri Mehmed Pasha.jpg
A miniature of Piri Mehmed Pasha
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
In office
25 January 1518 – 27 June 1523
Monarch Selim I, Suleiman I
Preceded by Yunus Pasha
Succeeded by Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha
Personal details
Born Aksaray, Ottoman Empire
Died 1533
Silivri, Ottoman Empire
Nationality Flag of the Ottoman Empire.svg Turkish
Religion Islam

Piri Mehmed Pasha (died 1533, Silivri) was an Ottoman Turk statesman.[1][2] He was grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire from 1517 to 1523.[3]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Yunus Pasha
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
25 January 1518 – 27 June 1523
Succeeded by
Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha