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Ruler of Lagash
Reignc. 2200 BCE
PredecessorUr-Ningirsu I
DynastyRulers of Lagash
Ur-Ningirsu I ruled in Lagash.

Pirig-me (Sumerian: 𒊊𒈨, Pirig-me), was a Sumerian ruler (ensi) of the state of Lagash in Southern Mesopotamia who ruled c. 2200 BCE. He was the son of Ur-Ningirsu I.[1][2]

Pirig-me is only known from one inscription and from one year name:[1]

"Year the en (priest) of Ningin was installed"

— Year names of Pirig-me.[1]

The inscription on a brick reads:[3]

"For Ningirsu, Enlil's mighty warrior,
Pirig-me, ruler of Lagash, son of Ur-Ningirsu, ruler of Lagash, chosen in the heart of Nanshe, named by Ningirsu, child born of Ninsun,
constructed a weir at the Ursag-ani canal."

— Inscription of Pirig-me.[1][4]

His was succeeded by Lu-baba.[1][5]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Ur-Ningirsu I
King of Lagash
ca. 22nd century BCE
Succeeded by