Pirihueico Lake

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Pirihueico Lake
Lago Pirihueico
Lago Pirihueico.jpg
Location Panguipulli Commune, Valdivia Province, Los Ríos Region, Chile
Coordinates 39°55′48″S 71°47′25″W / 39.93000°S 71.79028°W / -39.93000; -71.79028Coordinates: 39°55′48″S 71°47′25″W / 39.93000°S 71.79028°W / -39.93000; -71.79028
Type Glacial
Primary inflows Huahum River
Primary outflows Fui River
Basin countries Chile, Argentina
Surface area 40 km2 (15 sq mi)[1]
Settlements Puerto Fuy, Puerto Pirihueico

Pirihueico Lake (Spanish: Lago Pirihueico, Spanish pronunciation: [piɾiˈweiko] Pronounced: /piriˈwk/ PEE-ree-WAY-koh) is one of Seven Lakes in Panguipulli Commune, southern Chile. The lake is of glacial origin and it is enclosed mountains of the Andes. It is located in a geological fault that includes Panguipulli Lake and Lácar Lake in Argentina. The lake is drained by Fui River. Pirihueico Lake is used as a waterway due to its elonged shape. It is used mostly by vehicles traveling to or from Argentina by the nearby Huahum Pass. For that reason there is a ferry operating between Puerto Fuy and Puerto Pirihueico in the western respectively eastern extreme of the lake.


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