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Pirouline cookie tin.jpg
Pirouline cookie tin
Product typeRolled sweet wafer biscuit/cookie
OwnerDeBeukelaer Corporation
CountryBelgium and United States
IntroducedEarly 1900s (Belgium) and 1984 (United States)

Pirouline is a brand of rolled sweet wafer cookie (or biscuit), sometimes called pirouette cookies, sold in the United States by the DeBeukelaer Corporation since 1984, based on a family tradition established in Belgium. The chocolate hazelnut cream-filled version is called Crème de Pirouline, and has been sold since 1993.

United States production by the DeBeukelaer Corporation began in 1984 in Madison, Mississippi. The cookies are exported to 33 countries.[1]


  • Circa 1860, the DeBeukelaer family started making biscuits in Belgium.[2] They founded the 1st Biscuit and Wafer Co., which the company claims invented the rolled wafer cookie.[2]
  • In 1978, Peter DeBeukelaer, a descendant of the original founders in Belgium, founded DBC Corporation, also doing business as DeBeukelaer Corporation and as the DeBeukelaer Cookie Co.[3][4] The same year, the company trademarked the Pirouline Swirl.[1]
  • In 1984, DeBeukelaer established a cookie factory in Madison, Mississippi, to make Pirouline.[4]
  • In 1993, the company introduced a cream-filled version, which they served in tins.[1]
  • In 2001, the company launched its own tin can manufacturing to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping cans from suppliers, and to better match supply to demand.[1]
  • In 2007, the company opened a 100,000-square-foot factory and warehouse to increase production.[2]
  • In 2009, the company started packaging Crème de Pirouline in a 3.25 ounce tin can.[1]
  • In 2015, the company reached a deal with Walmart to sell Pirouline in 1,700 Walmart stores.[5]


The original Pirouline was a hollow rolled European style wafer with the now trademarked helical swirl, the Pirouline Swirl, and it was lined with chocolate.[4] In 1993, a version of the biscuit was introduced filled with a chocolate hazelnut creme filling, and named Crème de Pirouline.[1] Other flavors of crème that have been produced include vanilla, strawberry, pumpkin spice and dulce de leche.[6]

Originally sold in 2.5oz boxes the chocolate-lined biscuits are always sold in boxes, while the cream-filled ones are sold in tins or cartons.[7]

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