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Pirouline is a brand of rolled sweet wafer biscuit/cookie, sold by the DeBeukelaer Corporation in the United States.


The DeBeukelaer family started making biscuits in Belgium in 1860. Peter DeBeukelaer, a descendant of the original founders in Belgium, founded the DeBeukelaer Corporation in 1984, when he established a cookie factory in Madison, Mississippi.[1][2]

Baking roots[edit]


  • 1860 - Founded first biscuit and wafer company in Belgium
  • 1885 - Recognized at World Fair in Antwerp
  • 1888 - Started the DeBeukelaer Baking School
  • 1978 – The Pirouline Swirl becomes a licensed trademark of DBC Corporation
  • 1984 – Peter moves family to America to share his heritage and begins producing Pirouline®
  • 1989 – Crème de Pirouline innovation introduced
  • 2007 – DBC opens state-of-the-art production facility
  • 2008 – The 100-Calorie Crème de Pirouline launched
  • 2009 – Launched 3.25-oz tin of Crème de Pirouline
  • 2010 – Fourth-generation baker joins the company


Pirouline made its debut in 1984. A hollow rolled European style wafer with a trademark helical swirl, it was lined with chocolate.[1]

In 1987, the biscuit was filled with a chocolate hazelnut creme filling. Over the years, many flavors of crème have been produced - French vanilla, strawberry, pumpkin spice, dulce de leche, and lemon.

The most popular Pirouline is a rolled toasted wafer lined with dark chocolate. The other variety, called "Creme de Pirouline", has the rolled wafer lined with a cream filling rather than chocolate (which comes in chocolate hazelnut, French vanilla, and double chocolate varieties).

Originally sold in a 14-oz tin, the chocolate-lined biscuits are always sold in boxes, while the cream-filled ones are sold in cans.[4]


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