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Pisa (Greek: Πῖσα) was the name of an ancient town in the western Peloponnese, Greece. The area controlled by Pisa was called Pisatis, which included Olympia, the site of the Ancient Olympic Games. Pisa and Pisatis were subjugated by Elis in 572 BC.[1] Currently, it is a village within the municipality of Olympia.

The Virgilian commentator Servius wrote that the Teuti, or Pelops, the king of the Pisaeans, arrived on the Tyrrhenian coast after the Trojan War and founded the Italian (and more famous) Pisa thirteen centuries before the start of the common era.


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Coordinates: 37°38′38″N 21°39′14″E / 37.644°N 21.654°E / 37.644; 21.654

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