Pisang Peak

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Pisang Peak
Jong Ri
Naar fields and Pisang Peak.jpg
Pisang Peak from Naar village
Highest point
Elevation6,091 m (19,984 ft)[1]
ListingList of mountains in Nepal
Coordinates28°38′48″N 84°11′09″E / 28.6466025°N 84.1859311°E / 28.6466025; 84.1859311Coordinates: 28°38′48″N 84°11′09″E / 28.6466025°N 84.1859311°E / 28.6466025; 84.1859311
Parent rangeDamodar Himalaya
First ascent1955 by a German team
Easiest routeScramble/glacier/ice climb

Pisang Peak (Jong Ri) is a pyramidal trekking peak above Pisang, a village on the Annapurna Circuit, within the Manang District, northern Nepal. It was first climbed by a German Expedition in 1955.[2]


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