Pisco Province

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Location of Pisco in the Ica Region
Location of Pisco in the Ica Region
Country Peru
Region Ica
Founded October 13, 1900
Capital Pisco
 • Mayor Juan Enrique Mendoza Uribe (2007)
 • Total 3,978.19 km2 (1,535.99 sq mi)
Population (2005 census)
 • Total 116,865
 • Density 29/km2 (76/sq mi)
Website www.munipisco.gob.pe

Pisco is a province of the Ica Region in Peru. Its capital is the town of Pisco, where the popular liquor of the same name originated.

La Mina beach in the Paracas District



Tourist attractions[edit]

One of the main attractions of the province is the Paracas National Reservation, where 216 species of birds have been found. The coastal desert area around this reserve is the home of the pre-Inca Paracas culture, known for its polychrome shawls made with camel wool and cotton which dates back to 600 BC. Many beaches attract tourists during the summer months.

Political division[edit]

The province is divided into eight districts (Spanish: distritos, singular: distrito), each of which is headed by a mayor (alcalde):

2007 earthquake[edit]

With a moment magnitude of 8.0, more than 400 people died and more than 1,500 were injured during the 2007 Peru earthquake. At least 80% of Pisco was damaged.

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Coordinates: 13°42′S 76°12′W / 13.700°S 76.200°W / -13.700; -76.200