Pisidium casertanum

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Pisidium casertanum
Pisidium roseum (Sowerby).jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Bivalvia
Subclass: Heterodonta
Order: Veneroida
Suborder: Sphaeriacea
Family: Sphaeriidae
Genus: Pisidium
Subgenus: Euglesa
Species: P. casertanum
Binomial name
Pisidium casertanum
(Poli, 1791)

Cardium casertanum Poli, 1791
Pisidium novaezelandiae Prime, 1862
Corneocyclas aucklandica Suter, 1907

Pisidium casertanum, the pea cockle or pea clam, is a minute freshwater bivalve mollusc of the family Sphaeriidae.


The shell is broad, sub-triangular or oval and is ornamented with sculpture of faint concentric striations.The umbos are slightly behind the middle.The Periostracum is silky, scarcely glossy. In colour it is whitish to grey-brown and often the shell is coated with reddish-brown deposits.

The shell is of similar shape to Sphaerium novaezelandiae but is smaller as an adult, more inflated, with a deeper hinge-plate, stronger teeth, and the ligament is not visible externally.

Length is up to 4.5 mm, height 3.7 mm, and thickness 2.3 mm.

Pisidium casertanum Presence in European countries


It has a cosmopolitan distribution and is perhaps the world's widely distributed non-marine mollusc.


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