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Pit or PIT may refer to:


  • Ball pit, a recreation structure
  • Casino pit, the part of a casino which holds gaming tables
  • Trapping pit, pits used for hunting
  • Pit, an area of a racetrack where pit stops are conducted
  • Pit, a part of a trading floor where open outcry takes place
  • Pit cave, a natural cave containing a vertical shaft
  • Open-pit mine, surface extraction of rock or minerals
  • Coal mine, also known as a pit in parts of Australia

Science and technology[edit]

Arts and entertainment[edit]



  • Front ensemble, the stationary percussion section in a marching band or drum corps
  • Mosh pit, an area for dancing at a concert
  • Orchestra pit, the area in a theater, between the stage and audience, in which musicians perform




  • Pit Martin (1943–2008), Canadian National Hockey League player

Law enforcement[edit]

  • PIT maneuver, a ramming tactic used by law enforcement in vehicle pursuits

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