Pit 3 Dam

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Pit-3 Dam
Satellite view
Pit 3 Dam is located in California
Pit 3 Dam
Location of Pit-3 Dam in California
Official name Pit Number Three Dam
Country United States
Location Shasta County, California
Coordinates 41°01′18″N 121°40′33″W / 41.02167°N 121.67583°W / 41.02167; -121.67583Coordinates: 41°01′18″N 121°40′33″W / 41.02167°N 121.67583°W / 41.02167; -121.67583
Owner(s) Pacific Gas and Electric Company[1]
Dam and spillways
Impounds Pit River
Height 120 feet (37 m)[1]
Length 494 feet (151 m)[1]
Width (crest) 30 feet (9.1 m)[1]
Width (base) 110 feet (34 m)[1]
Dam volume 120,000 cubic yards (92,000 m3)
Creates Lake Britton
Total capacity 34,600 acre feet (42,700,000 m3)[1]
Catchment area 4,700 square miles (12,000 km2)[1]
Surface area 1,265 acres (5.12 km2)[2]
Power Station
Type Run-of-the-river
Hydraulic head 133 feet (41 m)
Annual generation 290.1 GWh[3]

Pit-3 Dam (also known as Pit Number Three Dam and Dam Number Three) is a dam across the Pit River in northern California in the United States. It forms Lake Britton, which stretches 8 miles (13 km) upstream. The dam is used mainly to divert water into a penstock that runs about 6.5 miles (10.5 km) downstream to generate hydroelectricity. Construction was completed in 1925 and is owned by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company.[4]

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