Pit Stop (1969 film)

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Pit Stop
Directed by Jack Hill
Starring Brian Donlevy
Release date
Running time
92 min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $75,000[1]

Pit Stop is a 1969 film directed by Jack Hill and starring Brian Donlevy and Richard Davalos.[2]



The original title was The Winner but it had to be retitled when Winning was released. It was retitled Pit Stop even though there is no pit stop in the film. Jack Hill saw figure 8 racing and he thought it was so "crazy and so loony" he wanted to document it. The film has come to be regarded as one of Hill's best, even though the fact it was shot in black and white hurt its commercial success. It has earned a cult following.[3]

Although the soundtrack is credited to Seattle psychedelic band The Daily Flash, the group had in fact by this time disbanded and is in fact by post-Daily Flash project Two Guitars, Piano, Drum & Darryl.


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