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Pitambar Charairongba (17th century CE - early 18th Century CE) also known as "Eningthou Ningthem Charairongba" was the ruler of Manipur Kingdom from 1697 to 1709. He was one of the first Meiteis to be converted to Hinduism. He adopted Hinduism on 9 April 1704 CE. He was a follower of the Madhvacharya sect.


Charairomba was born on Saturday 20 May 1673 CE.[1] He was the father of Pamheiba, the King that made Hinduism the official religion of Manipur.


In 1717, he ordered Pamheiba to invade Burma. The Burmese King had insulted Charairongba's daughter and asked for another daughter in marriage. Instead of sending his daughter Charairongba sent his son Pamheiba along with a strong cavalry force that crushed the Burmese in battle.[citation needed]

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