Pitcairn Islands general election, 2009

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General elections were held in the Pitcairn Islands on 11 December 2009.[1] As there are no political parties on Pitcairn, the Deputy Mayor and all four candidates elected to the Island Council were independents.[2] Simon Young became the first person not born on Pitcairn to be elected Deputy Mayor.[3]

Electoral system[edit]

The four elected members were elected by single transferable vote for two year terms. In addition, the Island Council had six other members; the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor, both of whom were elected separately. The four elected members and the Deputy Mayor nominated a further member, whilst two were appointed by the Governor and one seat was reserved for a Commissioner liaising between the Governor and the Council.[2]


Voting began at 08:30 and was completed by 10:30. Of the 45 registered voters, 40 cast votes,[1] giving a turnout of 88.9%.

Deputy Mayor[edit]

Candidate First round Second round Third round
Votes % Votes % Votes %
Simon Young 12 31.58 21 52.50
Jay Warren 12 31.58 19 47.50
Brenda Christian 8 21.05
Jacqui Christian 4 10.53
Pawl Warren 2 5.26
Total 38 100 40 100
Source: Pitcairn Island News

Island Council[edit]

Candidate Votes % Notes
Brenda Christian 22 15.94 Re-elected
Jay Warren 20 14.49 Elected
Dave Brown 19 13.77 Re-elected
Lea Brown 19 13.77 Elected
Turi Griffiths 18 13.04 Not re-elected
Carol Warren 16 11.59 Not elected
Pawl Warren 13 9.42 Not elected
Jacqui Christian 11 7.97 Not re-elected
Total 138 100
Source: Pitcairn Island News

Following the election, Pawl Warren was appointed to the Island Council by the Governor.


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