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Pitch may refer to:

  • Pitch (resin), a viscous substance produced by plants or formed from petroleum
  • Pitch (card game) (or "High Low Jack"), an American trick-taking card game
  • Sales pitch, a line of talk that attempts to persuade someone or something

Acoustic frequency[edit]

  • Pitch (music), the perceived frequency of sound including "definite pitch" and "indefinite pitch"
  • Pitch accent, a form of emphasis in speech

Angle measurement[edit]

  • Pitch, one of the angular degrees of freedom
  • Pitch (aviation), along with roll and yaw, an aspect of aircraft flight dynamics
  • Pitch or grade (slope), the steepness of a slope or an object confirming to a slope
    • Roof pitch relates to the slope and inclination angle
  • Pitch, or rake, in geology, the angle between a line and the strike of the plane on which it was found

Linear measurement[edit]

"Pitch" is widely used to describe the distance between repeated elements in a structure possessing translational symmetry:

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