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Pitch may refer to:

Acoustic frequency[edit]


  • Sales pitch, a line of talk that attempts to persuade someone or something


Movement about the transverse axis[edit]

  • Pitch angle (or pitch rotation), one of the angular degrees of freedom of any stiff body (for example a vehicle), describing rotation about the side-to-side axis
    • Pitch (aviation), one of the aircraft principal axes of rotation (nose-up or nose-down angle measured from horizontal axis)
    • Pitch (ship motion), one of the ship motions' principal axes of rotation (bow-up or bow-down angle measured from horizontal axis)
  • Pitch-up, an uncommanded nose-upwards aerodynamical rotation of an aircraft.

Angle measurement[edit]

  • Pitch or grade (slope), the steepness of a slope or an object confirming to a slope
    • Roof pitch relates to the slope and inclination angle
  • Pitch, or rake, in geology, the angle between a line and the strike of the plane on which it was found


Mechanical engineering[edit]

Linear measurement[edit]

"Pitch" is widely used to describe the distance between repeated elements in a structure possessing translational symmetry:

  • Pitch (gear), the distance between a point on one tooth and the corresponding point on an adjacent tooth
  • Pitch (screw) the distance between turns of a screw thread
    • Blade pitch the distance between the front edge and the rear edge of a propeller blade
    • Pitch, the distance between passes in the helical scanning pattern of X-ray computed tomography
  • Pitch (typewriter), the number of characters and spaces in one inch (25.4 mm) of running text
  • Pitch, the distance between bits in a parallel integrated circuit element such as a register file
  • Dot pitch in images
  • Pin pitch, the distance between centers of pins in electronics packaging
  • Seat pitch, the spacing between seat rows in an aircraft

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