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Livonian: Pitrõg
Pitraga Baptist Church
Pitraga Baptist Church
Pitrags is located in Latvia
Location in Latvia
Coordinates: 57°42′15″N 22°23′14″E / 57.70417°N 22.38722°E / 57.70417; 22.38722Coordinates: 57°42′15″N 22°23′14″E / 57.70417°N 22.38722°E / 57.70417; 22.38722
Country  Latvia
Municipality Dundaga municipality
Parish Kolka parish
First mentioned 1582
Elevation 16 ft (5 m)
Population (2015)
 • Total 39
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+3 ( EEST)
Postal code LV-3275 Kolka

Pitrags (Livonian: Pitrõg) is a populated place in Kolka parish, Dundaga municipality, Latvia at the mouth of the river Pitraga. One of twelve Livonian villages. Other names: Pitraguciems, Pitrag, Pitraga Ciems, Petragga, Pitraga, Pitragutsiyeme. Was founded in Medieval times by several brothers who arrived from Saaremaa and settled here. Due to its geographical location on the river for many years Pitrags was a regional centre of shipbuilding, providing small fishing timber boats for locals and nearby villages of Saunags, Vaide, etc. During Soviet time a large fish smoking plant was located here (closed down in mid-90-ties and now converted into a private residence). There is also a small local church and cemetery. Along the dunes lies the site of the narrow gauge railway, an extension line of military railway built to nearby Mazirbe during World War I. Railway was decommissioned in the 1960s, several years after a new strategic wide dirt road was built by the Soviet Army (several years ago this road was asphalted from EU funds).

On February 4, 1992, the Latvian government created a cultural historic protected territory called Līvõd Rãnda - the Livonian Coast - which included all twelve of the Livonian villages: Lūžņa (Livonian: Lūž), Miķeļtornis (Pizā), Lielirbe (Īra), Jaunciems (Ūžkilā), Sīkrags (Sīkrõg), Mazirbe (Irē), Košrags (Kuoštrõg), Saunags (Sǟnag), Vaide (Vaid), Kolka, Latvia (Kūolka), Pitrags (Pitrõg), and Melnsils (Mustānum). The Latvian government discourages settlement of ethnic Latvians and other non-Livonians in this area and prohibits alterations to historic village sites. Also, it is prohibited for anyone to start a hotel, restaurant, or other public establishment which might adversely influence the Livonian culture or draw outsiders into the area.

Notable people

Born in Pitrags:

  • Marija Bertholdė-Šaltjarė (1860-1938) — Livonian folklore scholar and presenter.

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