Pittsburgh mayoral special election, 1959

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The special Mayoral election of 1959 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was held on Tuesday, November 3, 1959. The winner of the 1957 election, Democrat David Lawrence, had resigned from his position in January 1959 because he was elected Governor of Pennsylvania. City Council President Tom Gallagher moved up to the position of mayor as per the city charter. At 75 years old, he chose not to seek reelection. Joe Barr, also a Democrat, won the special election and the remainder of Lawrence's term. Barr, a powerful State Senator and a longtime Lawrence associate, defeated Republican Paul Reinhold, the president of a company that distributed road repair equipment.

Pittsburgh special mayoral election, 1959
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Joe Barr 124,501 63.6
Republican Paul Reinhold 71,202 36.4
Turnout 195,703
Democratic hold Swing


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