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Pius /ˈpəs/,[1] Latin for "pious", is a masculine given name. Its feminine form is Pia.

It may refer to any one of the following:



Other people named Pius[edit]

  • Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius, Roman Consul and soldier, who fought under Sulla, and later was largely responsible for Quintus Sertorius's defeat in Spain, despite sharing the victory with Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus.
  • Pio of Pietrelcina or "Padre Pio", Capuchin friar and Roman Catholic saint ("Pio" is the Italian form of Pius)
  • Pius L. Schwert, a former New York Yankees player and U.S. congressman
  • Antipope Pius XIII, who leads the breakaway True Catholic Church sect
  • Pius Bazighe (born 1972), Nigerian javelin thrower
  • Pius Heinz (born 1989), German professional poker player, who won the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event
  • Pius Ncube, Catholic Archbishop of Harare and outspoken critic of Robert Mugabe

The name Pius in fiction[edit]

  • Pius XV, in the Babylon 5 science fiction saga, is a fictional early 22nd Century Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Pius XV was featured in the novel Dark Genesis
  • Pius Thicknesse, a character in the Harry Potter series
  • Pius XIII the eponymous Pope in the HBO series The Young Pope

See also[edit]

  • PIUS reactor, a Swedish design for a nuclear reactor not reliant on active safety measures


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