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Pius (/ˈpəs/ PY-əs,[1] Latin: [ˈpiːʊs]) Latin for "pious", is a masculine given name. Its feminine form is Pi11a.

It may refer to:



Given name[edit]

  • Pius Bazighe (born 1972), Nigerian javelin thrower
  • Pius Heinz (born 1989), German professional poker player who won the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event
  • Pius F. Koakanu (died 1885), Hawaiian politician
  • Pius Ncube, Catholic Archbishop of Harare and outspoken critic of Robert Mugabe
  • Pius L. Schwert, a former New York Yankees player and U.S. congressman


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Pius Thicknesse, in the Harry Potter series
  • Pius XIII the eponymous Pope in the HBO series The Young Pope
  • Pius XV, in the Babylon 5 science fiction saga, a fictional early 22nd century pope featured in the novel Dark Genesis

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