Northwest Solomonic languages

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Northwest Solomonic
Solomon Islands
Linguistic classification Austronesian
Glottolog nort3225[1]

The family of Northwest Solomonic languages is a branch of the Oceanic languages. It includes the Austronesian languages of Bougainville and Buka in Papua New Guinea, and of Choiseul, New Georgia, and Santa Isabel (excluding Bugotu) in the Solomon Islands.

The unity of Northwest Solomonic and the number and composition of its subgroups, along with its relationship to other Oceanic groups, was established in pioneering work by Malcolm Ross.[2]


Languages of Santa Isabel

Northwest Solomonic languages group as follows:[3]

In addition, the extinct Kazukuru language was probably one of the New Georgia languages and Tetepare may also have been one, if it was Austronesian at all.


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