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Pivotal Games Limited
IndustryVideo game industry
FateClosed by parent
PredecessorPumpkin Studios
FoundedMarch 2000; 19 years ago (2000-03)
Defunct13 August 2008 (2008-08-13)
Key people
ProductsConflict series
Number of employees
109–111 (2008)

Pivotal Games Limited was a British video game developer based in Corston, England.


Pivotal Games was founded in March 2000, by fifteen employees formerly of Pumpkin Studios (the developer of Warzone 2100), led by Jim Bambra, Nick Cook and Alex McLean.[1] Pumpkin Studios, founded by Bambra and Cook in August 1996, had previously been closed down by its parent company, Eidos Interactive, that same month.[1] In August 2000, the company was acquired by Kaboom Studios.[1] Between 2002 and 2008, Pivotal Games developed all five instalments in the Conflict series, as well as The Great Escape, based on the film of the same name.

In September 2003, after financial struggles of parent company Kaboom Studios, who had at that point had already closed down sister studios Attention to Detail and Silicon Dreams Studio, SCi showed interest in acquiring the company.[2] Kaboom Studios went into receivership on 9 September 2003,[3] with all remaining assets, including still-active Pivotal Games, being transferred to Ernst & Young for sale.[4] On 29 September 2003, SCi acquired Pivotal Games from Ernst & Young for a total of £2.36 million.[5] In May 2005, SCi Games finalised its acquisition and merger with Eidos Interactive, the parent of Eidos Interactive, which would become in charge of SCi Games' subsidiaries.[6] In March 2008, SCi Games closed down fourteen operating projects to counter a £81.4 million net loss from the preceding fiscal year, leading to rumours that Pivotal Games was also to be closed.[7] On 14 July 2008, it was officially announced that the studio was to shut its doors, and 99 staff had already been made redundant,[8] leaving only a team of 10–12 specialist personnel.[9] Pivotal Games was closed on 13 August 2008.[10]

Games developed[edit]

Year Title Platform(s)
GCN PS2 PS3 Win Xbox X360
2002 Conflict: Desert Storm Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
2003 The Great Escape No Yes No Yes Yes No
Conflict: Desert Storm II Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
2004 Conflict: Vietnam No Yes No Yes Yes No
2005 Conflict: Global Terror No Yes No Yes Yes No
2008 Conflict: Denied Ops No No Yes Yes No Yes

Conflict series[edit]

The Conflict franchise has sold more than 6 million units.[11] Each game in the series has received good to negative reviews. Most of the reviews were mixed or average.[12]


  • Conflict: Desert Storm II (2003) also released as Conflict: Desert Storm II Back to Baghdad is also set during the Gulf War and see the same characters returning to Baghdad.
  • Conflict: Vietnam (2004) is set during the Vietnam War. The previous characters in the first two games are not present and new characters are introduced into the game.
  • Conflict: Global Terror (2005) is set during modern day, the game reunites the characters from Conflict: Desert Storm and Conflict: Desert Storm II with one additional character. It is also called: Conflict: Global Storm.
  • Conflict: Denied Ops is also set during modern day, the game only sees the return of Paul Foley last seen in Conflict: Global Terror and new characters are introduced into the game.


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