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Pivotal Labs
Division of Pivotal Software
Industry Software development
Founded 1989
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Products Pivotal Tracker
Website pivotal.io/labs

Pivotal Labs is an agile software development consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company develops Pivotal Tracker workflow software. It is a division of Pivotal Software.

In 2008 Pivotal Labs released Pivotal Tracker, which is used as their internal project management and collaboration software. In March 2012, Pivotal Labs was acquired by EMC.[1] In October 2013, Pivotal Labs acquired Toronto-based Xtreme Labs, a mobile app development company.[2] Clients include Groupon, Best Buy,[3] Mavenlink, Netflix, Southwest Airlines, Twitter, and Zendesk.[4]

Pivotal Tracker
Pivotal tracker logo.png
Pivotal tracker screenshot.png
Pivotal Tracker Project Screenshot
Developer(s) Pivotal Labs
Operating system Web-based
Type Project management
Website www.pivotaltracker.com

The company markets Pivotal Tracker, a software as a service product for agile project management and collaboration. The tool includes file sharing and task management, velocity tracking and iteration planning; release markers; and progress charts.[citation needed]