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PixelJam Games is an independent video game studio. One of their games, Gamma Bros., was nominated for "Best Web Browser Game" at the 2007 Independent Games Festival.[1]


  • Glorkian Warrior: Trials of Glork - Pixeljam's first game developed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch which was funded using the Kickstarter platform in 2010.

Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork is a collaboration between acclaimed comic book artist James Kochalka and indie game studio Pixeljam. It's a unique hybrid of Galaga-style shoot 'em up, simple platforming action and Saturday morning cartoon[2]

  • Dino Run SE - An improved, extended version of Dino Run for purchase & download on Mac, PC, & Linux. See Dino Run description below.
  • Potatoman Seeks the Troof - A Punishment Platformer where you play as a potato-person who has left his farm in seek of "The Troof"
  • Dino Run - an action game in which the player controls a dinosaur running across various terrains, trying to avoid the dinosaur apocalypse.'
  • Gamma Bros - an arcade style shooter ( there is a sequel that pixeljam is currently working on )
  • Ratmaze - a game in which you play as a rat who is running around a maze racing to collect cheese
  • Ratmaze 2: another game with being a sequel and having the same concept as Ratmaze.
  • Dino Run: Marathon of Doom - NOT a sequel to Dino Run., that is a challenge game where the player controls a raptor to see how long he or she can run away from the apocalypse before becoming extinct (It has only been found at bored.com and mochigames.com so far)
  • Corporate Climber - (Platformer Action) Make your way up the corporate ladder from the Janitor's closet to CEO of the corporation.. and beyond!
  • Mountain Maniac - Mountain Man goes crazy and needs to smash everything! an action game made for Adult Swim
  • Mountain Maniac Xmas - An updated & improved holiday themed sequel to Mountain Maniac. Mountain Maniac needs to get revenge on Santa. Also for Adult Swim.
  • Cream Wolf: Werewolf Ice Cream Truck Driver fattens kids up and eats them on the full moon while avoiding cops, animal control and health inspectors. Collaboration with Mark Essen (Messhof). Made for Adult Swim.
  • Pizza City! - a free-roaming game made for Adult Swim
  • Sausage Factory - A puzzle/rhythm game made for Adult Swim
  • Hipster Kickball - Kickball with a twist. Hipsters vs. Hippies battle it out on the kickball field.
  • Turbo Granny - a driving game where you play as a grandma for Adult Swim
  • Cookie Party 2 - Platformer adventure game created for The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central's web site. Control a selection of freaky living cookies to collect chocolate chips in different worlds & encounter the cast of the show (with actual voice acting from the cast).

Pixeljam Music Releases[edit]

Games in progress and planned for the future[edit]

  • Glorkian Warrior
  • Gamma Bros 2
  • O.R.B.
  • Gama Bros 1.1 (co-op, updated version of Gamma Bros for WiiWare & mobile devices.
  • SnowBall
  • Dino Run iPhone/iPad
  • Dino Run 2
  • Ratmaze 3


  • Richard Grillotti (art, animation, design)
  • Miles Tilmann (programming, production, music/sfx production, design)
  • A.D. Bakke (production assistant, marketing coordinator, web development)

People Pixeljam works with[edit]

  • Mark DeNardo (music, sound effects)
  • Jeffrey Nielson (art, animation, level design)
  • Martín Sebastián Wain (programming)
  • Graham Lackey (art, animation)
  • John Davies/Datasette (Music)
  • Nate Pacyga (programming, project manager)
  • Orlando Martinez (programming)


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