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Pixel Corps is a training and production group composed of development personnel in digital media. It was founded by Alex Lindsay. The guild (as members refer to it) offers training as well as a means of communication between aspiring media professionals. They have done extensive work with Leo Laporte in producing the twit.tv network of internet TV shows. PixelCorps was closed for entry during its infancy, and opened its doors for open enrollment in 2005.[1][2] The PXC is public since May/June 2004. In 2004 named PCO, later then PXC.

The guild provides training in professional skills (and actual production) related to all aspects of digital media and film production, including writing; camera techniques (still and video, film and digital); drawing, digital cel animation; 3D modeling and animation; 2D compositing; lighting (real world and virtual); color theory; photo-editing, retouching, and restoration; green screen techniques and keying; matte painting and camera projection; and the aesthetics of imagery.

Training is enhanced by the provision of optional "Challenges", intended to test and showcase individual members skills in all of the aforementioned areas, and is further augmented by active forums, within which members discuss issues related to the digital media industry—with an emphasis on moving images for film and video.

Media production[edit]

The "Corps" actually produces content from within its 'ranks', and is perhaps most well known for producing the video version of tech podcasts such as: "MacBreak", "This Week in Media"; and "Inside the Black Box".

PixelCorps is not affiliated with pixelcore.com.


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