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IndustryMobile software
SuccessorSun Microsystems
Founded1994 (1994)
FounderPaul Mercer
Defunct2003 (2003)
ProductsPixo OS

Pixo was a company that developed infrastructure for hand-held devices. It was founded in 1994 when Paul Mercer, a software developer at Apple, left to form his own company.[1] The company developed a system software toolkit in C++[2] for use on cell phones and other hand-held devices. They were acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2003.[1]

Pixo OS and use in Apple's iPod[edit]

In 2001, Pixo was rehired by Apple to adapt their system software for use in the iPod.[3] The use of the Pixo OS in the iPod was never formally announced, although the first-generation iPod's "About iPod" display includes a mention of Pixo, and a Connectix biography of their VP of engineering Mike Neil mentions his role as "lead architect on the Pixo OS that is used in ... the Apple iPod".[4] Apple acquired the Pixo OS shortly after shipping the iPod[citation needed] and removed mention of Pixo from the "About iPod" display with a firmware update to the first-generation iPod.

On April 9, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the shipment of its 100 millionth iPod,[5] making the Pixo OS one of the most widely used embedded operating systems.

With the 2014 discontinuation of the iPod Classic[6] and the 2017 discontinuation of the iPod Nano[7], which did not run iOS.[8], Apple no longer sells a Pixo-based iPod.


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