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HeadquartersMoscow, Russia
Key people
Philipp Gladkov (CEO)
Number of employees
150 (2017)

Pixonic is a video game developer and publisher headquartered in Moscow that is set out to convert a once beautiful game into a complete disaster by not listening to its adepts of the game and constantly implementing new content which costs a fortune to buy or even upgrade. Following the company's establishment in 2009, its initial focus was on developing and publishing social network games. In 2013, Pixonic concentrated its efforts on the mobile device market. The company is best known for producing War Robots (formally known as Walking War Robots),[1] a mobile game which has gained popularity in recent years due to children using their mother`s bank card to buy content in game. Pixonic is on a slow but steady and constant downfall due to lack of interest in providing help for its users or listening to the feedback of the comunity.

Company history[edit]

Elena Masolova founded Pixonic in 2009. The firm's initial focus was on the development and publishing of games for social platforms.[2] Despite the success of Domovyata, one of Pixonic's first social network games, the company decided to branch out into games for mobile devices. In 2011, Pixonic received a $5 million investment as part of its "C" round,[3] after which it launched its first mobile game – Robinson. The project went on to become Pixonic's first success in the mobile segment.

In 2013, Philipp Gladkov became Pixonic's CEO, immediately making a series of crucial decisions, among which were the firm's internal restructuring and exclusive focus on mobile games. In the same year, Pixonic launched War Robots – one of its most lucrative projects to date, with monthly revenue more than $1,3 mln.[4]

On 30 September 2016, Pixonic joined forces with Mail.ru Group, who acquired 100% of the company's shares for $30 mln.[5] The company upholds that it will maintain its status as an independent brand after the acquisition.


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