Piz Daint (supercomputer)

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Piz Daint
Active 2012-present
(upgraded November 2016)
Location Swiss National Supercomputing Centre
Architecture Intel Xeon E5-26xx (various) , Nvidia Tesla P100
Power 1.312 MW
Operating system Linux (CLE)
Speed 25.326 PFLOPS (LINPACK)
Ranking TOP500: 3rd, as of June 2017[1]
Web site www.cscs.ch/computers/piz-daint/

Piz Daint is a supercomputer in the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre, named after the mountain Piz Daint in the Swiss Alps.

It was ranked 8th on the TOP500 ranking of supercomputers until the end of 2015, higher than any other supercomputer in Europe.[2] At the end of 2016, the computing performance of Piz Daint was tripled to reach 25 petaflops; it thus became the third most powerful supercomputer in the world, after Sunway TaihuLight and Tianhe-2.[3][4][5][1]


The original Piz Daint Cray XC30 system was installed in December 2012.[6] This system was extended with Piz Dora, a Cray XC40 with 1256 compute nodes, in 2013.[7] In October 2016, Piz Daint and Piz Dora were upgraded and combined into the current Cray XC50/XC40 system featuring Nvidia Tesla P100 GPUs. According to the TOP500 website, the new system is the "second most energy-efficient supercomputer" on their list, behind an Nvidia system that also uses P100 GPUs.[2]


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