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Coordinates: 10°02′55″N 76°15′30″E / 10.048705°N 76.258225°E / 10.048705; 76.258225Coordinates: 10°02′55″N 76°15′30″E / 10.048705°N 76.258225°E / 10.048705; 76.258225
Country India
State Kerala
District Ernakulam
Talukas Kanayannur
 • Official Malayalam, English,
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
PIN 682027(Pizhala P.O)
Telephone code 0484
Lok Sabha constituency Ernakulam
Nearest city Ernakulam/Kochi
Website www.pizhalapokkalitourism.com
Pizhala U P School
Catholic Church in Pizhala
Pokkali Field preparing for Fish farming

Pizhala (Malayalam: പിഴല) is an island near Kochi surrounded by river Periyar. It is the central part and Capital of Kadamakkudy Grama Panchyath, Kanayannur[1] Taluk, Ernakulam District in the Indian state of Kerala. Pizhala island was formed naturally due to the great Floods[2] of Periyar in 1341 AD,[3] which choked the Muziris[4] Port (near present-day Kodungallur,[5] one of the greatest ports in Ancient World.[6][7]



In 1341, The great flood in Periyar destroyed the Musiris Port.[8] The new port was created in Kochi along with lots of Islands.

Arising of Christian community


In 1859, due to order of The Vicariate of Verapoly[9] Archbishop Bernardo (Giuseppe) Baccinelli, O.C.D,[10] O.C.D Catholic missionaries[11] constructed first school(Pallikkoodam)[12] in Pizhala


Pizhala is made up of A sedimentary sand. River Periyar sediments sand and mud in the time of flood on AD 1341. Pizhala is situated on the northern side of Kochi[13] and the southern side of Varapuzha, the old headquarters of the Carmelite missionaries. This island is surrounded by the river Periyar. Major portion of the island is wet land i.e. Pokkali[14] Paddy Field. The island Pizhala includes South main land and North main land known as "Paliamthuruth".[15]


Jerry Amaldev stayed in Pizhala in his boyhood days.[16] His uncle Fr. Joseph Moonjappilly[17] was the parish priest[18] of St. Francis Xavier's Church, Pizhala.

Before 2010, Pizhala has only two wards one is Pizhala South[19] and Pizhala North.[20] Paliyam Thuruth[21] was included in Pizhala North Ward.

Kadamakkudy LSG Ward Members in Pizhala Before 2010
No Ward Member Pizhala South Ward Member Pizhala North Duration
1 Mr. E M Sebastian
Ward Member
Raman Master 1963-1979
2 Mr. E D Joseph
Ward Member
Mr. P R Vijayan 1979-1984
3 Mr. E A Francis
Ward Member
Mr. Purushothaman 1990-1995
4 Mr. E D Xavier[22] Mr. Suresh 1995-2000
5 Mrs. Valsa Francis Mrs. RajaLakshmi 2000-2005
6 Mr. E A Francis[23] Mr. Santhosh Kumar (Resigned)[24][25] & 2005-2010
7 Mrs. Rajani Pradeep 2010-2015
8 Mr. Prakashan 2015-Till date

In 2010, Pizhala has divided into three wards, They are Pizhala South, Pizhala North and Paliyam Thuruth.

Kadamakkudy LSG Ward Members in Pizhala After 2010
No Ward Member Pizhala South Ward Member Pizhala North Ward Member Paliyam Thuruth Duration
1 Valsa Francis[26] Mrs. Sheeba James(Disqualified)[27] & Mrs. Sofi Manoj[28] Mrs. Rajani Pradeep[29] 2010-2015
2 Mr. Cerine Xavier.P[30] Mr. Benny Xavier[31] Mr.V K Prakasan[32] 2015–Present
Other LSG Ward Members from Pizhala
No Higher Authority Name Duration
1 Cheranalloor Panchayath P R Lakshamanan -
2 Edappally Block Panchayath E D Xavier[33] 2005 - 2010
3 Ernakulam District Panchayath V V Joseph Master -


"Pallikoodam" established and Davassy Assan was the first teacher. It upgraded and is now known as St Francis UP School.[34][35] People can study up to 7th standard. Students have been from Pizhala, Moolampilly and Chennur. Also there is Three Play schools "Baalavaadi" One is near to St. Francis UP school, Second Second One near to Shree Vaishanava Temple and Lat one in Paliyamthuruth Sri.E.M.Francis(cheeku sir),sri Mattu, Sri.Raman valiyaveetil, sri.A.G.Raman,Smt.E.F.Mary,sri.E.F.Francis,Sri.Sreedharan,and Sri.Thomas Elenjikkal are the former teachers of this school.

Head Masters /Mistress of St. Francis School Pizhala.
No Name of Head Master/Mistress Duration
1 Shree. Kumara Menon Master -
2 Shree. Kakko Master -
3 Shree. E M Francis Master -
4 Shreemathi. E M Mary Teacher -
5 Shree. E F Francis Master -
6 Shree. K N Antony Master - -1999
7 Shreemathi. K V Elsy Teacher -
8 Shreemathi. P S Saify Teacher -
9 Shree. K V Williams Master - Till Date


Pizhala has a Protestant church, One Catholic Church named as St. Francis Xaviers Church, Moorthinkal Shree Vaishnava Kshethram owned by Kudumbi Community Temple, Shree Balabhadra Temple controlled by Pulaya Community and Eight Family Temples.

Shree Balabhadra Temple[edit]

Shree Balabhadra Temple is First Temple in Pizhala. It has a history of more than a century. It is situated near to the primary health center Pizhala. Shree Bala Bhadra Temple is controlled By Pulya Maha Sabha Community. Shree Balabhadra Temple is opening for "pooja" on a couple of days in every month

Moorthinkal Shree Vaishnava Kshethram[edit]

Pizhala Moorthinkal Shree Vaishnava Kshethram. It is Hindhu kudumbi Community Temple
Pizhala Temple

Moorthinkal Shree Vaishanava Kshethram, is important temple in pizhala. This Temple was constructed on 1924 under Kudumbi Community. Total Area of this temple is around one acre. Maha Vishnu is the main worship god of this temple. "Bhagavathi", "Brahma Rakshas", "Nagayakshi" and "Naga raj" are the sub worship of it. Temple will open for worship every morning and evening.

Temple Festival[edit]

celebrate according to Shaka Varsha Calneder. It will conducted on rohini star day In the month of Makham in Shaka varsha Calneder. It is five day festival. It is very amazing Festival.

Manjakkuli or Holi[edit]


St Francis Xaviers Church, Pizhala[edit]

Different Eras of Catholic Church Pizhala[edit]

Different Eras of Catholic Church Pizhala
Different Eras Duration No.of Parish Priests
Under Verapoly Parish 1892 -1918 8
Under Kothad Parish 1918 - 1939 7
Independent Parish 1939 - Till Date 24

Family Temples[edit]

No Name of Temple Worship Controlling Family Date of Construction
1 Vanadurga Temple Vanadurga Valiya Veetil Family -
2 Maravan Temple Maravan Devaswam Parambil Family -
3 Hanuman Temple Hanuman Panakkapparambil Family -
4 Vanadurga Temple Vanadurga Theruviparambi Family -First Temple
5 Shreerama Temple Shreeraman Theruviparambi Family - Second Temple -
6 Thekkan Chovva Bagavathi Temple Thekkan Chovva Bagavathi Arisserry Parambil Family -
7 Nagadevatha Temple Nagadevatha Theruviparambil Family - Third Temple -
8 Shreerama Temple Shreerama Theruviparambil Family - Fourth Temple -


Pokkali rice Cultivation on June to October Season. Fish and Shrimp[36] Farming on October - April Season


Because of The High Yield of Pokkali Cultivation, This Proverb arose in Kadamakkudy Region.(പിഴലയിൽ പാഴില്ല) Nothing wasted in Pizhala

Economy and business[edit]

Agriculture and fishing. Pokkali Krishi Kudumba Shree self-help groups are actively participating in the economy of Pizhala


Moolampilly-Pizhala Ferry[37] (south), Kothad-Pizhala Ferry (east), Kadamakkudy-Pizhala Ferry (north west) and Chariamthuruth-Chennur-Pizhala (north east) Ferry are the four ferries which connect Pizhala island with the mainland. With the construction of Vallarpadam International Container Terminal Road, transportation has been made a little easier.The Bridge between moolampilly and Pizhala is under construction.All piling work is over. There is boat service between Ernakulam-Varapuzha and South Chittoor-Kadamakkudy.

Pizhala has two parts - Pizhala Mainland and Paliyamthuruthu.


Kerala government order for Pizhala-Puthussery Road

Pizhala is one of the backwards island in Ernakulam District even if it is naturally beautiful.

The Main Government Offices on Pizhala Island are:

Korampadam Service Co-operative Bank Ltd.No.178


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