Pizhma River (Komi Republic)

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Pizhma River (Russian: Пижма) is a river in the Komi Republic in Russia, an arm of the Pechora River. The river is 389 kilometres (242 mi) long and has a drainage basin of 5,470 square kilometres (2,110 sq mi). The Pizhma flows southeast out of the Yamozero Lake, turns east and then north and joins the Pechora River at Ust-Tsilma, where the Tsilma River also joins the Pechora. The river freezes up in late October or early November and stays icebound until late April or early May. The Pizhma is navigable along its lower reaches.

Coordinates: 65°24′39″N 52°08′14″E / 65.4108°N 52.1372°E / 65.4108; 52.1372